Episode 39: Christmas in St. Charles

By Zippy the Wonder Snail | Posted at 9:19 PM

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Zippy is back and with this episode, the boys not only recording live and in-person, but live-streamed the podcast. Check it out as we talk Christmas, random bits about Taylor Swift, off season baseball speculation and more.

Video Edition

Show Notes

Christmas Chatter

The boys talk about favorite Christmas foods as we anticipate the celebration of Jesus’s birth.

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Hot Stove League on the Cardinals

Jason and Tim discuss once more the 2023 St. Louis Cardinals season and then anticipate what is to come in the new year with new pitchers.

Lessons from the Classroom

The boys discuss what Jason has learned in his first year and a half as a public school teacher.

Taylor Swift

We couldn’t wrap up the year without revisiting T-Swift in her biggest year yet. Hear what the Zippy Crew makes of the latest Swift news.

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A Christmas Bible Moment

The Zippy Crew discusses Matthew 1:20-21 as a way to wrap up this special Christmas episode.

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Zippy the Wonder Snail is a podcast zipping through the news and culture that impacts you, co-hosted by Timothy R. Butler and Jason Kettinger.

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