Episode 2: To Boldly Go Where No Snail Has Gone Before

By Zippy the Wonder Snail | Posted at 11:20 AM

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Jason​ and Tim​ zip back to the podcast-o-sphere with Episode 2 of Zippy the Wonder Snail. On the docket today: the upcoming “College Bowl” TV show revival academic and the state of the Liberal Arts; suicide and meaning in Star Trek​ and the necessity of Jesus’s Cross.

Show Notes

College Bowl

We discuss Dennis E. Powell’s piece on the “College Bowl” and the loss of appreciation for the liberal arts in the modern university.

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Suicide, Meaning and Star Trek

We discuss Jason’s piece on suicide in Star Trek and what that implies about Gene Roddenberry’s “optimistic atheism.” We also consider the darker tone of post-Roddenberry Star Trek.

The Necessity of the Cross

We discuss the need for the Cross of Jesus and how the bold proclamation of our sinfulness is actually a hopeful thing.

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Zippy the Wonder Snail is a podcast zipping through the news and culture that impacts you, co-hosted by Timothy R. Butler and Jason Kettinger.

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