Episode 6: Big Courts, Big Tech and Big Questions

By Zippy the Wonder Snail | Posted at 5:06 PM

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The Zippy Duo delves deeper into the topic of the recent Fulton v. Philadelphia decision on the Supreme Court, considers regulation being proposed against “Big Tech” and discusses what we learn about God’s love in the midst of Job’s suffering.

Show Notes

Fulton v. Philadelphia

What drove the decision of the justices in this significant case concerning religious freedom? We take a deeper look.

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Alito’s Insights into Freedom of Religion

We continue the theme of religious freedom and the highest court in the land, looking specifically at the points Justice Alito raised concerning religious liberty, past precedent and what that might point to about the future of American religious freedoms.

Big Tech Regulation

The Boys turn to Tim’s recent OFB piece on “Big Tech” regulation and the danger of regulating industries for political gain.

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Job, Unanswerable Suffering and God’s Love

Jason and Tim discuss the Book of Job and the hope it gives us about God’s love and care in the midst of a world filled with tragedies and pain.

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