Episode 9: Hope in the Ruins

By Zippy the Wonder Snail | Posted at 3:26 PM

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We can’t fix this world, but there’s hope from God — that’s a point the Zippy Crew comes back to time and again as we deal with huge geopolitical shakeups (Afghanistan), the experience of grief in our lives (and how WandaVision explores that grief) and hope found in the midst of Paul’s warnings against sin in 1 Corinthians 6. Alongside those topics, we also do a wrap up of the 2020 Summer Olympics and talk about the political machinations around two giant bills currently going through Congress.

Show Notes

The Fall of Afghanistan

Tim and Jason think about the news that has dominated all of our minds this past week: the fall of Kabul (and the rest of Afghanistan) to the Taliban. The boys discuss some of the themes from Tim’s article from last week, how we make sense of what has transpired and how we can help those hurting.

Give to Help Afghan Refugees

Olympic Wrap Up

Jason kicks us off on a round up of the things that made the end of the Summer Games really exciting. The boys also discuss the storm clouds around the Beijing Winter Olympics, which are just a few months away.

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WandaVision Reflections and Grief

Picking back up from Episode 7, when Jason shared his initial journey into the Marvel miniseries WandaVision, Tim and Jason discuss themes of human experience that the show explores, particularly grief. Tim had previously written about this on OFB.

The Infrastructure And Budget Reconciliation Bills

There are some absolutely massive bills passing through Congress right now — about $4.5 trillion worth — concerning infrastructure and government services. What should we make of them and of the moderate Democrats’ joining with Republicans to resist the larger, $3.5 trillion portion of the legislation?

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Children Of God Even In Our Imperfection

The Bible has clear warnings against sin, of which 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 is one. But, are such passages there to simply to make it clear how we fail to measure up or do they help us to understand God’s love for us?

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