Episode 16: Thankful With a Huge Helping of Hope

By Zippy the Wonder Snail | Posted at 5:08 PM

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The boys spend some time on this Thanksgiving Week on thankfulness, Christmas music, Christmas shopping and God’s gift of salvation for all of us. Tim and Jason also turn back to the subject of Spiritual Abuse, looking at a breaking story about “Peacemaker” Christian conciliation.

Content Advisory: The chapter on Spiritual Abuse can be challenging to hear, especially for those recovering from an abusive situation. We hope the discussion is helpful, but we know different people are in different places of readiness for listening to discussions on this subject matter. If you’d prefer to keep your listening lighter, simply use your podcast player’s “skip” function for that chapter.

Show Notes

The PhoneSoap and Unsuccessful eBaying

Tim shares an eBaying adventure that doesn’t go so well in the quest for a bargain PhoneSoap HomeSoap. He also grosses Jason out explaining why a PhoneSoap is so helpful for cleaning your phone. If you haven’t checked out the PhoneSoap, Tim enthusiastically recommends it.

Christmas Music: Is It Time?

Is it time to listen to Christmas music? What are the boys looking forward to listening to? They talk about the soundtrack to the most wonderful time of the year, including Taylor Swift’s “Christmas Tree Farm,” as originally released in 2019 (YouTube, Amazon Music Download) and rereleased this year in an Amazon Exclusive “Old Timey Version” (Amazon Music Download, Other Options). They also touch on Carrie Underwood’s beautiful album from last year (Amazon Music Download).

Note: OFB may receive a commission from musical purchases at the Amazon links.

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Thankfulness And Suffering

Jason had recently written on what thankfulness looks like in light of suffering in life. He and Tim discuss the subject further on this Thanksgiving Week.

Church Abuse and “Peacemaking”

As Tim wrote about on Open for Business, Peacemaker Christian Conciliation recently became a topic of news because of its use to cover up spiritual abuse. Having survived going through the process under an abusive pastor and now disgraced conciliator Judy Dabler a decade ago, Tim shares about his experience. He and Jason further discuss what abuse looks like and some of the mistakes that encourage it.

Romans 2: Messy Lives Come Before a Forgiving God

The Boys turn to Romans 2 for our Scriptural encouragement this week. If we are all unworthy and unrighteous before the Judge of the Universe, are we hopeless? The answer is “no” and the Zippy Crew dwells in the hope God offers as we wrap up.

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